Elegant Lifestyle Smooth Jazz Club features the smooth laid-back hard hitting sound of Sir George

Elegant Lifestyle Jazz Club Presents,

Sir George, a smooth jazz band from the Antelope Valley with their taste of jazz for over 10 years Founders, Jerry Holmes (Manager/ Drums),  Michael Arnwine (Writer/producer/Keyboardist)


Combining elements of funk, R&B, funk, rock, jam-packed with sophistication, mastery, melody, and musical majesty…Never disappointing and always more than entertaining (in fact, therapeutic), this iconic band will always stand at the very pinnacle of jazz with songs that have great feeling of consistent quality and deep grooves that “As usual,  The Sir George creates the funky and melodic groove music that is danceable and quite accessible.



The super charged Sir George Band consisting of Jerry Holmes/ Founders/Musical Director/ Drummer, Michael Arnwine/Founder/Keyboards/ Composer, James Bell, Bassist, Stan Franklin, Guitarist, Alex Conedy, Sax, and Rick Jackson, Percussion set the dynamic mood by hitting the groove early on. All the musicians followed suit, increasing the electrifying tone of the songs. Everyone in the band are veteran musicians.  Their orchestrations are tight while the solos pulsated with inventive, forcible energy.  From the funky finger frolicking of the keys, to the elastic bouncing of the bass, to the rip roaring ride of the guitar, to the blazon beat of the drums, to the sharp cracking smacks on the percussion, the Sir George band delivered a very satisfying set of covers and original tunes.

The laid-back prominent heavy 

hitting sounds is sure to move you. Their epic sound is unlike no other. bringing you the best in live entertainment is what we do. Elegant Lifestyle happens when Sir George brings the heat.

Onwer Founder Concierge 

Clyde & Sheryl Knighten